I have been so busy but I wanted to thank you again for the exceptional repair you did on my computer last month.  As you know, my computer crashed during finals week and it was essential I had access to my files for school, but I could not even get the computer to turn on anymore.
Calling for a quote was stressful enough, and your office contacted me back within a matter of 30 minutes.  Further, your pricing beat out the two other prices I received from other repair shops.  The cherry on top was that you came to my house to fix the computer on site.  Working two jobs and having finals that week, this made my life so much easier and was worth the small site visit fee which was so affordable.
Upon diagnoses at my house, you had to take the computer back to the shop and I stressed again that time was very important in getting my computer restored if possible.  Thank you for removing the malware and root kit virus in a timely and cost effective manner, and bringing the computer back to me with in a matter of days.  Thank you for taking extra care in the process to save all my files like school work pictures and music.
You do great work, hopefully I won’t have to use you for a problem like this again, but when the need arises for any computer problem I will be contacting Computer Triage.
Thank you.”