Our computer has been a mess for several months…..ridiculously slow and infected with several viruses.  After taking it TWICE to Office Depot to no avail, our last resort was to look for someone on Craig’s List which we were very weary about or buy a new computer.  We decided to call Computer Triage.  Mark arrived on time at 7:00 pm and by 11:00 pm decided the computer was in such bad shape he needed to take it with him.  He said what normally would take 20 minutes to cleanup a computer, took over 6 hours for ours and that he had never seen a computer so full of “junk” and viruses.  He warned us he might have to remove all apps and re-install them which would have cost us hundreds of dollars since we didn’t have any of the apps to re-install.  He was able to fix our computer without removing the apps and returned it last night after a couple of days.  Our computer is so fast now and virus free.  Feels like we bought a new one.  Aside from the fact that Mark is definitely an expert in his field, he is one of  the most trustworthy people I’ve ever known.  The way he described our computer and the hours of work he put into it, our jaw dropped when he told us how much we were to pay.  What’s funny is he was worried we’d think it was too much, whereas we couldn’t believe how fair he was and added a tip to ease our conscious. After hooking the computer, printer, etc. back up, he spent at least another hour educating us on computers and how to maintain them.  THANK YOU COMPUTER TRIAGE, THANK YOU MARK!!