Mark just helped me for the first time with several issues and I wanted to post this review for anyone who might be worried about hiring an IT person off of Craig’s List.

He just spent 3 hours at my house ON A SUNDAY to 1) Set up my IPAD to print to my (non airprint) printer 2) Speed up my computer ( which I was ready to send to the electronics graveyard) and 3) Set up a wireless extender so that Netflix worked better on my TV. My bill was less than $100!

Mark owns Computer Triage and often works 7 days a week he told me to help out folks in need. I have a law practice which can’t handle down time, and although I am a complete idiot about technology, he explained everything in a way that I could understand it.
So bottom line,,,,even though you are having a stranger come into your house and access your electronic “life”, the experience can be a good one like mine was today.